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Rebel Athletic

Rebel Athletic Revolution Youth White Shoes

Rebel Athletic Revolution Youth White Shoes

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Brand: Rebel Athletic

Rebel Revolution Cheer Shoes Features
Built atop our Ruthless sole for tried and true performance, the Rebel Revolution cheer shoe offers #RebelLevel key features:

  • Exoskeleton- Exoskeleton helps provide extra support and stability preventing ankles from rolling by wrapping around the heel and ankle
  • Thread Lock/ Lace Channel Lock - Create a "ribcage" effect of holding the foot to the sole to give secure footing while wearing the shoe
  • Two Part Reinforcement Stabilizer - Two-part system of embroidered eyelets and fused stabilizer ensures laces will not pull through eyeholes in knit fabric even with tough pulling
  • Ribbed Band - Comfort ribbing around your ankle at a mid-rise height
  • Ventilation Air Holes - Provides more airflow and heat dissipation during those intense training sessions to keep your foot cool
  • Ankle Cushions - Soft cushions cradle the ankle for superior support and comfort
  • Mid Sole - Provides extra comfort and support for absorbing kinetic energy from entering foot from hard impacts
  • Rebel Spin Pad
  • Stunt Grooves - Perfect finger placement guides for natural hand grip position for bases
  • Cross Flex Tunnel - Allows increased flexing of foot when pointing toes
  • Shock Cushioned
  • Knit upper - Creates a sock-like fit for superior comfort
  • Bubble Laces - Prevents slippage and laces coming undone
  • Heel area does not rub rough like in traditional shoes making them easy to wear immediately out of the box
  • Conforms to foot to create a secure feeling while tumbling
  • Cushioned insole absorbs impacts
  • Super lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Stylized design gives them a street look while staying true to being an athletic shoe

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