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Nfinity Adult Rival

Nfinity Adult Rival

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Brand: Nfinity

These featherweight sideline cheerleading shoes keep your feet comfortable when your team needs you most. The Nfinity Rival offers a high spring eva, and easy stunt grip outsole with comfort that will last throughout cheer practice.


  • This style runs about 1 size smaller than standard street shoes. We recommend going up 1 size when ordering.
  • Weighing just 5.9 oz., the Nfinity Rival provides you with agility and flexibility in your performance.
  • The outer leather and mesh materials provide breathable, yet durable protection that will last the entire season.
  • The Nfinity Rival is designed to provide comfort throughout the entire game.
  • Support your team, rain or shine, as the hard rubber soles keep your feet dry on the sideline and the synthetic upper is easy to clean.
  • Sole grips help provide the ultimate stunt experience while ensuring safety for the cheerleader.

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